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ROM Image (ver. F.­14) INSTALLSHIELD wydane 2004.03.08.

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Kategoria Notebooki
Marka Compaq
Urządzenie Presario 2831AP
Systemy operacyjne BIOS
Wersja F.­14
Rozmiar pliku 673 Kb
Wydany 2004.03.08
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ROM Image driver for Compaq Presario 2831AP Type: BIOS This SoftPaq creates files that contain a binary image for the System BIOS for the notebook models.­ with a 68P4W Family ROM.­ This SoftPaq is used to flash the System BIOS on target PCs on a network,­ and it requires System Software Manager (SSM) or Remote Management Setup.­ The ROM Family andROM date can be determined by running the Setup Utility by pressing F10 on the target computer during system power on of the computer,­ and viewingFile/­System Information.­ PURPOSE: Recommended CATEGORY: BIOS OPERATING SYSTEM(S): Microsoft Windows 2000 Microsoft Windows XP 32-bit Home Microsoft Windows XP 32-bit Professional LANGUAGE(S): Global ENHANCEMENTS: New format for the F10 Setup screen displays the BIOS version and date.­ Combines short and long hard drive self-tests in F10 Setup into a single test option and adds verification of the SMART attributes.­ FIXES: Fixes issue where computer would not boot with Novell start-up diskette.­ IMPORTANT: DO NOT TURN OFF POWER TO THE COMPUTER WHILE PERFORMING THIS PROCEDURE! HOW TO USE: Download the SoftPaq to a temporary,­ empty directory on your hard drive.­ The file downloaded is a self-extracting executable with a filename based on the SoftPaq Number above.­ The BIOS/­ROM image file must be used with Remote Management Software in order to actually flash (upgrade) the ROM image on one of the affected notebooks.­ When used with SSM,­ copy the SoftPaq to the file store.­ When used with WINFLASH,­ run the SoftPaq to get the .­cab file.­

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